TR - Tonnage
in 2035
104 million TR
in 2015 to...
9 million TR
Commercial ACs in India will grow from
in 2035
225 million
in 2015 to...
32 million
room ACs in India will grow from
If the future is left to business as usual,
will be emitted by ACs in India by 2030
338 MT CO2e*
As a result,
(approximately 12% of GHG emissions in 2010)
The Solution?
Excessive Conventional
Air Conditioning
The Culprit?
Lets Cool Down


Cooling Indian indoors without heating the climate: an Indo-Swiss non-profit program for eco-building design and efficient cooling techniques.

India is the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter, with gases from coal-fired power plants being the main cause of these emissions. Air-conditioning uses the lion’s share of electricity. The real estate sector is booming but attention is rarely paid to designing energy efficient buildings.

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In India, energy efficiency is the most abundant source of energy as well as the cheapest, but it has received little attention as such compared to coal-fired power plants.

On the basis of these observations, Noe21, a Geneva based NGO, and cBalance, a social enterprise from Pune (Maharashtra), have formed a partnership to identify fields for direct intervention in which they can speed up the development of a culture of energy efficiency in indoor thermal comfort.

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