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Looking to change Status Quo?

Why: We seek to facilitate balance in carbon, ecological cost, and local communities to enable balance in global climate

How: Create tools for, and consult industry, institutions and consumers through them to develop GHG and ecological footprint mitigation roadmaps in the pursuit of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees centigrade relative to pre-industrial levels by year 2100; thereby promoting sustainable development of all human communities and their interrelated ecosystems.

What is in it for you?

Complete financial and decision making transparency in the organisation – everyone will know everything about money flows and decision flows. We will transparently disclose any professional relationships which might be perceived to a rational thinker as sources of conflict of interest. Anchored Growth & Equity: Each of the permanent members will be a shareholder in the company – in proportion with their total current value to the enterprise. Hence – this value is a dynamic assessment and leads to equity amongst all pillars to keep the enterprise plinth in balance. It recognizes the intrinsic growth potential of a being.

All you need is

Fairconditioning is looking for candidates who have demonstrated thought leadership ability in their professional career and have a strong desire to challenge status quo, aspiring to enhance the scale of their climate change mitigation approaches. One who will walk the environmental talk first – in his / her personal life, professional life before preaching any gospel to the world. 

If this interests you, send us an email at or view the vacancy links below to apply.

Current Vacancies

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Administrative Officer
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 Overall 15 February 2017
Sustainability Consultant
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 Overall 15 February 2017
Project Manager
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TAP 15 February 2017