Plans for coal-fired power in Asia are 'disaster for planet' warns World Bank


Plans for coal-fired power plans, a disaster for the planet?

The World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, commented on the progress of the countries in south and south-east Asia, to building hundreds of coal-fired power plants in the next 20 years, despite the deal signed at Paris in order to mitigate climate change. He believes that these plans of building more coal-fired plants in Asia, would definitely be a ‘disaster for the planet’.

Even though most of the big coal companies in the US are bankrupt, the demand for coal in South-East Asia is extremely high, because tens of millions still have no access to electricity. China, India and Indonesia, single handedly account for three-quarters of new coal-fired power plants, that are expected to be built around the world within the next five years.

“If Vietnam goes forward with 40GW of coal, if the entire region implements the coal-based plans right now, I think we are finished,” says Jim Yong Kim.

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