The Programme In Brief

The Fairconditioning initiative consists of four unique programmes designed to involve key stakeholders identified as having a high influence on energy efficiency gains.

The program is organized into four sub-projects that focus on education (Academic Curricula Integration Project, ACIP), capacity building (Building Energy Modelling Project, BEMAP), corporate technology adoption (Technology Adoption Project, TAP), and corporate behaviour change (Corporate Thermal Comfort Policies Campaign Project, UpBy2) with the legacy of establishing a sustainable cooling eco-system and driving evidence-based policy-change.

This policy change will be created through distilling field experiences, over the program period, to establish a critical mass of evidence for additional programs that could be scaled-up across other tropical climates to achieve behaviour change amongst occupants of conditioned indoor spaces, reduce building heat loads (cooling demands), and reduce energy and GHG intensity of artificial cooling systems. Fairconditioning aims to deeply integrate sustainability and efficiency into architectural and HVAC- engineering higher education curricula, into practicing architecture & HVAC consulting firms, and into commercial enterprises.