Vivek Gilani

Vivek Gilani


Vivek is the founder of cBalance Solutions at, an organization that co-created the Fairconditioning programme. He is an Ashoka Fellow and an Environmental Engineer (MS Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts) with expertise in Water, Wastewater Treatment and GHG Inventorying, and Energy Auditing/Analytics.

He is a Bureau of Energy Efficiency (India) Certified Energy Auditor and a certified Building Energy Modeller. He is Co-founder of India’s first Carbon-Footprint-Calculation and Reduction movement – the NO2CO2 project at, Developer of India-specific Carbon ERP Tools and GHG Emission Factor Databases under the Climatenomics Platform, Co-Founder and Member of the Steering Committee for the First Ecolabelling Program in India – ‘The Green Signal’.  He is also a civic-rights interventionist working to usher in an era of informed participation in democracy in India as Founder of the ‘Informed Voter Project’ currently on the web at

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